Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three and Geometry

Colour! Colour! I suppose the 'void' is actually being coloured now : )
I went for a more geometric look this time around,
The architectural elements remind me of air crafts (was not intentional, but I enjoy it)

The model on the left is wearing:
A cape/poncho (not sure about the terminology) made of leather.
A wool sweater with some rectangular embroidery.
some sleek black leather boots,
and a clutch

The model (male look- reminds me of Martin Cohn :) ) is wearing:
A very architectural leather jacket
a deep gray vest,
sweater (much like look 1),
structural harem pants with draw strings,
And some shoes with architectural elements,

The most right model,
A very architectural jacket,
red wool sweater with a rhombus embroidery
Leather pants,
Shoes with Cuban heels and architectural elements.

See you tomorrow

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