Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three and redemption?

I realized how crappy my third picture was, so I read some tutorials for digital colouring with Photoshop, and I think this is miles above the third posting.

I was watching a's bite-sized show breakdowns for Nina Ricci (particularly the Olivier Theyskens shows), and I was (and still am) inspired by his approach to women and fashion in general, so I drew a dress too... that is nothing- not even in the same universe as Olivier's amazing creations.

See you tomorrow

Three and Geometry

Colour! Colour! I suppose the 'void' is actually being coloured now : )
I went for a more geometric look this time around,
The architectural elements remind me of air crafts (was not intentional, but I enjoy it)

The model on the left is wearing:
A cape/poncho (not sure about the terminology) made of leather.
A wool sweater with some rectangular embroidery.
some sleek black leather boots,
and a clutch

The model (male look- reminds me of Martin Cohn :) ) is wearing:
A very architectural leather jacket
a deep gray vest,
sweater (much like look 1),
structural harem pants with draw strings,
And some shoes with architectural elements,

The most right model,
A very architectural jacket,
red wool sweater with a rhombus embroidery
Leather pants,
Shoes with Cuban heels and architectural elements.

See you tomorrow

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

two, 2, ||

I present 3 more looks that relate to day 01's look.
I guess the only thing not coherent would be the most left look's boots, a bit like the 'pirate boots'


Today I find myself in dire need to get my hands on the fashion books:
"The Other Side of the Picture" About Olivier Theyskens (whom recently left Nina Ricci)
.. And the Maison Martin Margiela Book

If only books weren't so overpriced in Canada! Hopefully I'll have
at least one of the two (probably the MMM) come this weekend.

.. Oh yeah, I fell in love with Rad Hourani's work; subtle complexities in chique monochrome

see you tomorrow

[EDIT: I should really resize the upcoming pictures]

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hi, this picture was drawn from paper, pencil and pen.
The lady is wearing: a gradient cloak/cape, sleeved vest, a drapey top (possibly jersey),
leggings (I'd love it to be waxed cotton), and high leather boots. A hat with a veil.

Not sure what to say, but to be brief:

I'm interested in architecture and fashion
My favourite designer: Ann Demeulemeester
I'm from boy from Toronto,

See you tomorrow